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14October 2020

It’s Buzz kill time baby!!!!

Tesla Mine – the new powerful hidden defense item Introducing the new Tesla mine, which will fry those maniac mercs with lightning shockwaves. The rushing enemies will trigger the mine which will pop-out the tesla coil and buzz Kill the enemies within the shockwave radius. Tesla is 2X extra nice to the metal of Ironclad….

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10December 2019

Downtown Casino Poker is now Poker Legends

We are thrilled to unveil our Refreshed Brand identity. We are changing Downtown Casino poker to: “ POKER LEGENDS: TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER “ While this is a significant change, our core values haven’t changed. Our brand was featured on visit magazines, you should visit their website now if you are a fan of online casino…

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Downtown Gangstaz Game 30June 2019


Welcome to the Mayhem! With all the excitement in the world we are announcing our new Game – DOWNTOWN GANGSTAZ. Downtown Gangstaz is a Role Playing Strategy game in which you build your own Mafia City and rule a Gang. You retake your old hood and build a crime empire on it. There are Mobs…

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31May 2018

Introducing the Poker Tournament

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the World Tournament into Downtown Casino Poker. It is expected that you’ll see some new slots being available to play during the event. The new Tier/League based Tournament will commence from this Thursday. It is a chance for players to win from an ever-growing world prize pool….

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13December 2017

Downtown Mafia 1.5 Million Gang Wars

Downtown Mafia crew are delighted to announce that we have hit a whopping 1.5 Million Gang Wars in just 4 Years since its inception in mid-2013.  The weekly Tournaments which started as a 48 Hours weekend SmashDown is a 4 Day event with much more exciting features and multiple fold rewards. The revamped Deathmatches Starting…

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13February 2015

Introducing Seek and Destroy

Battlecry is venturing into new avenues with the introduction of Alliance wars. The Generals are now leading their commanders into the Battlefield. From today, we are introducing a new and exciting Alliance War mode. The Seek and Destroy. Get your Alliance troops ready, the wars are heating up. In Seek and Destroy, the opposition alliance…

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9September 2014

Downtown Mafia hits 1 Million Installs in Android!

Today marks an important achievement in the Downtown Mafia World. We have reached 1 Million installs in Google Playstore. This milestone gives us immense pride and joy. It is not just the installs giving us the joy, but the spirit with which the players are playing. A million and more thanks to all the Mafiosos…

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12September 2013

Downtown Mafia Tournament Smash Down

Announcing the Tournament Smash Down beginning on Friday the 13th. Coming to Downtown Mafia this weekend will be a monstrous update. This Friday the 13th we will be starting our Tournaments. In this mode players with their Gangs can select a Side and fight against each other in various types of Gang Wars. The winning…

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