14October 2020

It’s Buzz kill time baby!!!!

Tesla Mine – the new powerful hidden defense item

Introducing the new Tesla mine, which will fry those maniac mercs with lightning shockwaves. The rushing enemies will trigger the mine which will pop-out the tesla coil and buzz Kill the enemies within the shockwave radius. Tesla is 2X extra nice to the metal of Ironclad.

Tesla mine will have the splash radius of a Blaster with nearly matching the splash duration of the Burner. The Tesla mine will pop-up and send out massive thunder flashes all around killing the onrushing enemies. It will deal double damage to Ironclad and his roaring chain-saw. Level 1 of Tesla mine will cost you only 40,000 and it will be ready by 5 minutes.

Are you ready to thunder-fry some Mercs! Come on let’s plant some Tesla mines.  

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