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DYNAMICNEXT is one of the leading Game Development Studios in India. Our focus is on creating top-quality mobile games for... Know More
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We are looking for the best of talents from the Gaming industry to join our creative team to build our next generation of visually immersive, world-class game titles. Developer Team Art Team Product Team @Work “We want to stay humble and build great products which all of us can be proud of.” We also want…

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Elevate Your Card Game with TeenPatti International!

Experience India’s most popular 3-card game, TeenPatti International like never before! Explore an international twist on TeenPatti, featuring unique rules and exciting twists that transcend borders. Immerse yourself in a fresh and thrilling take on the classic card game. Sharpen your skills in skill-based gameplay where every move counts. Outsmart opponents and prove your mastery…

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Roll Into Victory with Ludo International: Online PvP

Are you a Ludo enthusiast ready for a global gaming adventure? Welcome to the world of Ludo International, where classic board gaming meets the excitement of global competition! Embark on a journey beyond borders as you challenge players worldwide, testing your skills against opponents with diverse strategies worldwide.  Customize your gaming experience with personalized boards…

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It’s Buzz kill time baby!!!!

Tesla Mine – the new powerful hidden defense item Introducing the new Tesla mine, which will fry those maniac mercs with lightning shockwaves. The rushing enemies will trigger the mine which will pop-out the tesla coil and buzz Kill the enemies within the shockwave radius. Tesla is 2X extra nice to the metal of Ironclad….

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