Game Social Media Specialist

We are looking for an experienced ‘Game Social Media Specialist’ who will work closely with the product team to come up with a robust social media strategy which will help to keep our audience engaged with posts on regular content updates, sales info, special promotional offers, new feature launches etc thereby helping to increase revenue, improve audience reach and increase brand awareness. The candidate will also be responsible to monitor customer complaints, respond promptly and red flag critical issues to the dev team.


  1. At least 1 year of experience working in a gaming studio as a Social media strategy/ Digital marketing expert.
  2. Extensive social networking experience with strong knowledge of social analytics tool.
  3. Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media channels.
  4. Good understanding of SEO and web traffic analytics.
  5. Strong grasp of social media KPIs.
  6. Experienced with user acquisition through marketing tools such as Facebook ads, Google ads and other third party ad networks.
  7. Strong writing, editing, presentation and communication skills.
  8. Willingness to think from a customers perspective and treat them with utmost respect.
  9. Should be self driven to understand customer issues, respond promptly and raise reported issues to the development team.
  10. Must be a team player with good time-management as well as interpersonal skills.
  11. Should be fluent in English.
  12. Must be a passionate gamer.

Note: Only candidates who match all the above requirements need apply.